About us

If the engine is the heart of your car, trims are its neck. They're the most prominent element of your car's design and - for those who care about such things - they tell you a lot about what that car is like to live with. A large number of people choose their cars based on how good it will look when decked out in accessories, and trims can be a big help here.

Picking the right trim level is all about balance: do you want luxury or sportiness? Do you want value or performance? You've also got to consider whether you'll need certain features and if there are any discounts available on cheaper models.

With trimlevels.com choosing became a simple process: you just type in the car's model and year, and every trim level available on that car will be displayed.

Trimlevels is a website designed for users who want to find all models of a certain vehicle, with specific features. Our databases were prepared by car fanatics who love cars just as much as users do. With this webpage, users are able to search for almost any car model and year in the world.

Now our creator wants to tell some words to you.

I'm Charlotte and I founded trimlevels.com in my garage while I was still in college. It's been a crazy ride and I'm so proud of what we've built! My dad was an auto mechanic, so I grew up around cars and engines. I love watching movies and driving through the evening city with Daft Punk songs blasting in the salon.

I want to learn to program so that I can make my site even better. We're constantly growing and expanding, and I want to be able to do everything myself! We began as a small garage company, focused on making the most enjoyable and informative car site. After growing quickly, we decided to expand our content across media!

Trimlevels.com is an automotive website for users looking to find all models of a certain vehicle, with specific features for their type of use or preference. Our databases were compiled by automotive aficionados who is eager to check out the latest auto news. Trimlevels allows you to search nearly any car model and year in existence. Hope you enjoy it!