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2017 Ford Focus ST Trim Levels and Configurations

How many configurations does a 2017 Ford Focus ST have?

Compare 2017 Ford Focus ST trim levels

2017 Ford Focus ST has several trims which may be different with diverse capabilities and accessories. Higher trim levels offer the greater deal of convenience. Interior upgrades generally involve leather-like upholstery for seats and premium supplies for floor coverings, roof, etc.

Typically, there are actually 3 or 6 trim levels, and the standard alternative is considered the most affordable. Consequently, the best trim is easily the most expensive and sometimes contains warmed chairs, advanced safety, and infotainment methods. Trim designation is different from a maker to a company. It could look like a 1 or couple of letters (XL, XLE, or XLS), an identity like Platinum or Limited or an alphanumeric name like QX50 or CX-30.

Not quite obvious, but these abbreviations mean something. Within our case in point, they are High end versions. Some auto models (especially luxury types) might be provided in a single trim, but functions are very customizable. How else can you learn about the trim of your respective 2017 Ford Focus ST? It may be marked somewhere on its windshield. The trim information will surely be around in an owner's guidebook or perhaps within the VIN code.


Higher Ford Focus ST trim levels come with more features at a higher price, while an entry-level trim comes with the basic package at a lower cost

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