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2002 Nissan S15 Trim Levels and Configurations

How many configurations does a 2002 Nissan S15 have?

Compare 2002 Nissan S15 trim levels

2002 Nissan S15 has a couple of modifications which differ with versatile characteristics and gear. Top trim levels enjoy the greater deal of comfort. Interior upgrades generally incorporate leather fabric for seats and much better components for flooring surfaces, roof, and so on.

Normally, there are 3 or 5 trim levels, and the stock choice is considered the most affordable. For that reason, the very best trim is the most high-priced and frequently includes heated seats, sophisticated protection, and infotainment solutions. Trim level is different from a producer to a maker. It may appear to be a 1 or couple of words (XL, XLE, or XLS), an identity like Platinum or Limited or an alphanumeric labelling like QX50 or CX-30.

Typically these acronyms have a meaning. Looking at our example, these stand for Luxurious models. Some car versions (especially luxury types) might be supplied within a single trim, but features are incredibly unique. How else can you discover the trim of your 2002 Nissan S15? It could be designated somewhere on its exterior. The trim information and facts will definitely be available in an owner's handbook or perhaps within the Vehicle Identification Number.


Higher Nissan S15 trim levels come with more features at a higher price, while an entry-level trim comes with the basic package at a lower cost

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