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Car trim levels guide - learn the basics

Buying a car is not very simple as it was in the early days. Today’s models come with all kinds of trim levels, including different types of features, so it may take you slightly longer to make the right choice. Several decades ago, trim levels were somewhat different.

The first difference is that there weren’t as many levels as there are today. The second difference comes from a lack of technology. In those times, the trim levels had only a handful of differences, and there were models where the difference between the lowest and highest trim would be AC and some chrome trims around the exterior.

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How do I find the trim level of my car?

Identifying the trim level of your car is quite simple. Most manufacturers add a few letter codes after the name of the model representing the trim level, and, in most cases, you should see it as a sticker or on the backside of the car.

If you still keep the invoice from when you purchased the car in the user manual, the information should be in there.

Can you tell trim level by Vin?

Yes. A car’s VIN is a unique set of numbers and letters that contain all the information about it, manufacturer, model, engine type, and so on. Among the included information is the trim level. There are numerous VIN decoding services online that will help you determine the trim level through the VIN.

Are higher trims worth it?

Trim levels on cars vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and you may see different trim levels in various models from the same manufacturer. It means that to determine if a trim level is worth it, you should be looking at a certain model.

Even with that, determining if the more expensive trim level will depend on your personal opinion. For example, some models have smaller infotainment screen on lower levels and a bigger one on higher levels. In this scenario, if you would be okay with the smaller screen, then the higher trim level may not be worth it for you.

What is the choice?

Trim levels on modern car models include a different set of features; some are only for aesthetics, while others will offer some kind of additional functionality. That results in several trim levels that will be provided to you, and on top of that, there are also the extra features that are mostly trim non-depended, and you just pay to get something extra. Your trim level may also depend on the choice of the engine. Some manufacturers don’t offer the lowest trim level with the most powerful engine options.

To put things in perspective, here’s an example. A lower trim level car may get smaller wheels, while a higher one will get bigger ones. As for additional extras, you can pay an additional fee to get a metallic color, which you can get regardless of which trim level you chose.